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Dr. Devang Desai

Dr. Devang Desai

D.M (Cardiology), M.D (Med), FCSI (India), FSCAI (USA), FACC (USA)
Interventional Cardiologist / Cardiovascular specialist
Chief Department of Cardiology, UNICARE Heart Institute, Surat.
Near Canal Road, Sosyo Circle, Surat Since 2014.
Rainbow Hospital, Vapi Since the year of 2015.
Director Technical Director of Cardiology Department, Shri B.D. Mehta Mahavir Heart Institute, Surat, Since the year of 2001
  • Sunshine Global Hospital, Surat.
  • Bardoli Unit of Unicare [Bardoli Unicare Heart Institute, Bardoli]
  • Chikhli Unit of Unicare [Spandan Hospital,Chikhli]
  • Vapi Unit of Unicare [Rainbow Hospital, Vapi]

Dr. Devang Desai is eminent Interventional Cardiologist from western India - Surat (South Gujarat). He is having bright career as cardiologist since 1991 having career of 29 years in field of Cardiology and is one of senior most personality, in field of cardiology from Surat & South Gujarat. Dr. Devang Desai is first cardiologist to perform Angioplasty with Stenting, Pacemakers, AICD, Biventricular pacing, ulnar artery approach in Angioplasty at B.D. Mehta Mahavir heart Institute, Surat.

He is born from middle class family from Baroda [Vadodara]. His father was registered Govt. medical practitioner and he was in Govt. service at various primary health care center of Baroda district. As a result of this he was interested in medical field since childhood. During primary and secondary school education he has achieved highest marks in highest secondary school examination.

During his D.M. [Cardiology] course at B.Y.L. Nayar Hospital, Bombay he got wide experience of various interventional techniques and achieved [D.M. Cardiology] degrees at first attempt with flying colors.

In his 29 years of career as Interventional Cardiologist he has performed 52000 angiographic procedures and about 24000 Angioplasty, Coronary stenting, BMV, Pacemaker implantation etc. procedures.

In Surat at Mahavir Heart Institute he has unique achievement of performing highest number of Cardiac Interventional procedures. He is pioneer in performing first ulnar artery approach and AICD implantation as unique achievement. He was performed maximum number of radial & ulnar artery [From hand] Angioplasty and stenting interventions at Mahavir Hospital Surat.

Dr. Devang Desai has visited Germany for participating in “Interventional Cardiology workshop and course on Supported Angioplasty in critically ill patients” at Rodenburg clinic, near Frankfurt in 1995 to achieve fellow ship.

Dr. Desai also achieved fellow ship of Society for Cardiac angiography & Interventions recently He is also awarded from Cambridge [UK] as “LEADING HEALTH PROFESSIONAL FROM ASIA”. He is youngest cardiologist to achieve this awards.

  • He has visited Various countries like China, Singapore, Dubai, Japan & San Francisco / Chicago [USA] as faculty in cardiology conferences in 2004-2011 and actively participated in angioplasty workshop.
  • Received Fellowship from Society of Cardiac Angiography & Interventions [FSCAI]-USA in the year 2007.
  • Received Fellowship from Cardiological society of India [C.S.I] at Hyderabad, India on November 2007.
  • Received Fellowship from American College of Cardiology (FACC) from USA in the year of 2010.

He was invited to deliver Lecture on the topic of “Follow up study of long drug illuted stents” at prestigious “Euro PCR -2007” conference held at Barcelona, Spain from 22nd to 24th May – 2007.

He has number of publications in various journals and is invited as gust faculty in various cardiology summits.

Dr. Devang himself is interested in Music and Games like Cricket, Football, Hockey etc. He is very philosophical man and has been interest in Politics, Science, World affairs and is capable of Debating on topic of Science, politics, world affairs, history, religion & philosophy of life in addition to his academic career as cardiologist.

Dr. Desai is deeply interested in Yoga and medication and considers them as adjacent tools of keeping Heart healthy.

He is also involved in development of medical tourism in Surat where he is attached to world class Cardiac Hospitals – Care Hospital, Athwagate circle, Surat. & Shri Mahavir Heart Institute, Surat. He has operated on many cardiac patients from America, U.K. South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Bangladesh etc. who comes to visit as Non resident Indians. He is having Great sense of humor and very popular amongst his follower patients.

He is at present clinical & technical director interventional Cardiology at Unicare Heart Institute, Surat & Mahavir Heart Institute, Surat. Although he is invasive interventional cardiologist his message to Society is Clear “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE"

Dr. Devang Desai is a leading Interventional Cardiologist & Cardiovascular Specialist in South Gujarat and a Director of Cardiology department of Unicare Hospital, Sosyo Circle, Surat & B.D. Mehta Mahavir Cardiac Hospital, Surat.

Dr. Devang Desai achieved DM (Cardiology) and MD (Med.) degrees with highest rank and received fellowships from U.S.A., Germany and INDIA.

In the career span of 29 years Dr. Devang Desai has performed more than 52000 cardiac procedures including more than 24000 cardiac interventions like PTCA, Stenting, BMV, PBV, Pacemaker implantation, AICD, etc. Out of which more than 20% are critically ill IHD patients such as a cardiogenic shock and primary angioplasty.

He is the first Cardiologist who has performed Ulnar artery angioplasty and Stenting and he was already started Angioplasty program through Radial/Ulnar approach at Unicare Heart Institute & Shri B.D.Mehta Mahavir Heart Institute, Surat.

He was pioneer and first to do Rotablator & IVUS in surat before 10 years. he has visited heart failure center at Geneva-Switzerland for advance training in cardiac resynchronize therapy in heart failure.

Recently Dr. Devang has started first programme of training other cardiologist in ROTABLATOR, IVUS, OCT and FFR test used during coronary intervention. He is performing independently ROTABLATOR, IVUS Technology.

  • Dr. Devang Desai is Director of Cardiology Department and Leading D.M. Interventional Cardiologist / Cardiovascular specialist of Unicare & Shri B. D. Mehta Mahavir heart Hospital, Surat and has his own Non invasive diagnostic clinic – HRIDAYAM HEART CARE CLINIC at Majuragate, Surat.
  • He has achieved numbers of fellowships in his career FCSI – India [2008] and prestigious fellowships from U.S.A. [Fellow of Society of Cardiac Angiography and Interventions] S.C.A.I. in the year of 2008 & [Fellow of American College of Cardiology] F.A.C.C. in the year of 2010.
  • In his career span of 29 years he has performed more than 52,000 cardiac interventional procedures and more than 24,000 cardiac interventions like PTCA, Stenting, BMV, Pacemaker implantation, AICD, PTSMA, CRT for heart failure, ASD & PDA closure device etc.
  • He has performed various Interventional Procedures at B.Y.L Nair Hospital – Bombay, Mayo Hospital – Baroda, Breach Candy Hospital – Bombay, H. N. Hospital - Bombay, Cumballa Hill Hospital - Bombay, Rajasthan Hospital – Ahmedabad & B. D. Mehta Mahavir Heart Instritute - Surat.
  • Only Cardiologist performing independent Biventricular pacemaker therapy [CRT] for Heart failure in Surat at B.D. Mehta Mahavir heart institute, Surat.
  • Honored as one of the Leading Health professionals of world – 2007in the field of Interventional Cardiology at UK [Cambridge].
  • He has been awarded “Jewel of the Crown” of Surat – 2007 which was given in January 2008.
  • He has visited to deliver lecture and actively participated Live cardiology workshops on interventions at Barcelona - Spain [ESC conference], China [CIT Conference], Japan [CCT conference], Singapore Singapore Live conference, Dubai [Dubai cardiology summit] Malasiya live Conference - (2010), CSI Calcutta (2010), TCT Asia – Seoul (2010) as Faculty.
  • Published 18 publication / Research papers in various national & international journals.
  • He is also invited as faculty at Conference (Cardiovascular Research Foundation) Washington to be held in March 2011 to present his study on “Drug illuted Balloon in stent restenosis – six month follow up”.
  • First class performance throughout schooling, graduation, post graduation and superspeciality training.
  • Passed D.M.(Cardiology) examination at first attempt from Bombay university, Bombay and obtained highest position from his institute at D.M. Examination
  • Passed M.D (Internal Medicine) examination at first attempt from M.S. University, Baroda (India) and obtained school position from the university at this examination.
  • Obtained Fist rank amongst one hundred five successful students at first M.B.B.S. examination in years 1983.
  • Stood Second amongst all successful candidates at final M.B.B.S. Examination
  • Won following scholarships/prizes for academic successes
    • Maganbhai S. Patel scholarship for securing highest aggregate Marks at first M.B.B.S. examination
    • Dr. Yadukkant B. Dixit Memorial Prize for standing fistr the subject of physiology at 1st M.B.B.S. examination held at M.S. University, Baroda
    • Dr. V. G. Patel prize for standing first in 1st M.B.B.S. examination
    • Dr. P. T. Acharya Memorial prize for securing highest number of marks in subject of Biochemistry in examination taken by M.S. University, Baroda in November 1993
  • Achieved first position from Baroda Division at Higher secondary school certificate examination in year 1982
  • Stood Fifth among all the successful candidates of Gujarat State (India) at higher secondary certificate examination
  • National Merit Certificate winner from Ministry of Education and culture government of India for brilliant performance in the field of school education secondary and higher secondary
  • Honoured as one of the leading health professionals of the world – 2007in the field of interventional cardiology by International Biographical centre at its headquarters in Cambridge [U.K.].
  • Awarded “Jewels in the Crown” of Surat – 07 by Divya bhaskar group in January – 08.
  • He has achieved numbers of fellowships in his career. Prestigious fellowships from U.S.A. [Fellow of Society of Cardiac Angiography and Interventions] F.S.C.A.I. in the year of 2008 & [Fellow of American College of Cardiology] F.A.C.C. in the year of 2010 and FCSI – India [2008].
  • He is the First Cardiologist at Surat to perform Ulnar artery Angioplasty and Stenting and he is already started Angioplasty program through Radial / Ulnar approach at B.D. Mehta Mahavir Heart Institute.
  • He has visited to deliver lecture and actively participated Live cardiology workshops in many National and International conferences as Faculty at Barcelona - Spain [ESC conference], China [CIT Conference], Japan [CCT conference], Singapore Singapore Live conference, Dubai [Dubai cardiology summit], Malasia [Malasiya live Conference], TCT AsiaSeoul and TCT USA.
  • He has visited Germany for participating “INTERVENTIONAL CARDIOLOGY WORKSHOP AND COURSE ON SUPPORTED ANGIOPLASTY IN CRITICALLY ILL PATIENTS” Including PTCA after Cardiogenie shock and in refractory LVF after MI. He also visited Rodenburg Clinic, near Frankfurt, Germany as a visiting faculty.
  • A part from his work in the cath lab, he conducted regular outpatient in his own clinic “Hridayam Heart Care Clinic, Majuragate, Surat” where, he followed-up approximately 110 patients and see about 70 new patients every week and do 10-15 Echocardiography and 08-10 T.M.T. every day.
  • He was also responsible for the care of my patients admitted to the Emergency Room, coronary care units, and for specific post-operative patients. I implanted permanent pacemakers, including dual- chamber pacemakers, and was on call for all interventional emergencies.
  • He has experience of performing INTERVENTIONAL PEDIATRIC CARDIOLOGY PROCEDURES SUCH AS ASD CLOSURE DEVICE, PDA CLOSURES DEVICE ETC. He has perform about 30 to 40 ASD closure devices independently and more than 100 devices with proctor.
  • He was pioneer and first to do Rotablator & IVUS in surat before 10 years. he has visited heart failure center at Geneva-Switzerland for advance training in cardiac resynchronize therapy in heart failure
  • Recently Dr. Devang has started first programme of training other cardiologist in ROTABLATOR, IVUS, OCT and FFR test used during coronary intervention. He is performing independently ROTABLATOR, IVUS Technology.
  • Published number of publication / Research papers in various national & international journals.
  • Workshop on transeophageal echocardiography at the department of Cardiology, Sir J. J. Hospital, Bombay on 20th September, 1993.
  • Participated as faculty and presented paper at “Annual Conference of Cardiology society of India, Madras” from 18th – 21st December, 1993.
  • Actively Participated in PTCA workshop on 8th January 1994 at department of Cardiology B.Y.L. Nair Hospital, Bombay.
  • Attended number of seminars on “Permanent Pacemaker” – Update and trouble shooting.
  • Attended workshop on “Newer Intervention Techniques” at B. Nanavati Hospital, Bombay on 28/11/94 to 29/11/94.
  • Attended as delegate at Conference of Cardiology Society of India (CSI) at Jaipur from 31/11/1994 to 4/12/1994.
  • Attended as delegate at Conference of Cardiology Society of India (CSI) in December 1995 – 96.
  • Attended first world congress of Interventional Cardiology in October 1999 at Hotel Taj, Bombay.
  • Visited Germany for participating “INTERVENTIONAL CARDIOLOGY WORKSHOP AND COURSE ON SUPPORTED ANGIOPLASTY IN CRITICALLY ILL PATIENTS” Including PTCA after Cardiogenic Shock and in refractory LVF after MI. He also got fellowship of American College of angiology and was appointed as visiting faculty, Rodenburg Clinic, Frankfrut, Germany.
  • Visited the Paris Course on Revascularization : Coronary and Peripheral in Paris from May 22nd to 25th 2001.
  • Participated INTERVENTIONAL CONFERENCE at USA (Washington) In year 2001-02.
  • Invited to deliver talk on “CONTROVERSIES IN LEFT MAIN STENTING” as faculty at INDO-EUROPEAN conference held at SUNCITY (SOUTHAFRICA) in July-2002.
  • Actively participated in “INTERVENTIONAL SUMMIT” in August 2002.
  • Received number of awards from interventional procedures in a day at B. D. Mehta Mahavir Heart Institute, Surat.
  • Participated in World conference “EURO PCR” in May 2003, at paris.
  • Participated in cardiology conference at New Orleans, LS, USA, “New Horizons in Cardiovascular disease” from 22nd to 25th October 2003.
  • Participated in Millenium Indo-French Cardiology conference held from 3rd to 5th November 200 at Apollo Hospital, Hydrabad, India.
  • Participated International Conference in Cardiology organized by University of Alabama at Brimingham, USA held at Rajkot on December 1996.
  • Participated in the XXIV Annual conference of Association of Physicians of Gujarat on January 2003 at Surat.
  • Participated in conference of North American Society of pacing and Electrophysiology (NASPE) at San Francisco, USA in May’2004.
  • Participated in 6th Annual Conference of Family Physician’ Association, “FPCON-2004” Surat as a Patron held on May 2004.
  • Participated 56th annual conference of Cardiological society of India held at Banglore on 2nd – 5th December – 2004.
  • He has participated in the 11th Singapore Live conference on Live interventions in Vascular Endotherapy held at Singapore 28th to 31st January 2002.
  • Participated as faculty in Electrophysiology conference “NASPE 2003” held at San Fransisco / Chicago (USA).
  • Actively participated in the Trans-Radial Interventional Course-2005 held on January 21-22, 2005.
  • Participated in the Educational Activity TCT – 2005 “Transcatheter cardiovascular Therapeutics” held in Washington on October 2005.
  • Participated as a faculty in 57th Annual conference of cardiological Society of India held in Mumbai, India on December 2005.
  • Invited as faculty as Chairperson in European society of cardiology conference at Baroda [India] held under duspices of Sun pharma.
  • Participated as faculty in Interventional Intercontinental summit on Coronary Artery Disease held at 2nd February to 5th February 2005 in Dubai.
  • Participated as faculty in Intresting cases in Interventional cardiology held at Japan on September – 2005.
  • Participated as Key investigator in the Ideal study and attended the Ideal Summit Meeting held in Paris, France from April 22nd to 24th 2005.
  • Participated as faculty in Dr. R. N. Dixit memorial CSE – 2007 held at Mirasol lake resort, Nani Daman.
  • Invited as faculty as chair person in live transmission of course at “Trans-Radial Interventional course - TRICO- 2007” heal at Ahmedabad [Gujarat].
  • Participated as a faculty in China Interventional Therapeutics conference in conjunction with TCT at CIT & EURO PCR at CIT held at Beijing, China on 2003, 2005 , 2006 and 2007.
  • Participated as a faculty in prestigious “Euro PCR – 2007” which held on 22nd to 24th May 2007 in Barcelona, Spain.
  • Participated as a faculty in “I Love My heart” cardiac conference which held at Sterling Hospital, Vadodara on February 24th 2008.
  • Participated as a Guest faculty in “Singapore Live 2008” 17th Annual Live Interventions in Vascular Endoscopy conference held at Suntec city, Singapore on 05th to 9th March 2008.
  • Participated ACC 57the annual scientific session [ACC0 08] in Chicago, IL from 29th March to 01st April 2008.
  • Participated as faculty in the Annual Conference of Indian College of Cardiology [ICCCON 2008] on 2nd to 4th October at Kochi, Kerala.
  • Participated as Guset Faculty in China Interventional Therapeutics 2009 on March 18-22, 2009 at Beijing, China.
  • Participated in Pre Conference workshop on the occasion of 31st Annual Conference Association of Physicians on 23-24 Jan, 2010 at Surat.
  • Participated as Faculty in 6th Asian Interventional Cardiovascular Therapeutics 2010 on 1st to 3rd July at Marina bay sands , Singapore.
  • Participated as Faculty in 7th Malaysian Cardiovascular Interventional symposium with Love transmission on 22nd to 24th July 2010 at Hilton Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Participated IFISCH 20011 Workshop [Structural and congenital Heart Disease Workshop] on 12th to 14th August 2011 at Sro Jaydeva Institute of Cardiovascular Science and research Banglore.
  • Participated as Faculty in [CAD Conference] Asia Interventional Summit, Pune India on 23rd to 25th September 2011 at Pune, India.
  • Participated as Faculty in TCT 2011 on November 7 – 11, 2011at Sanfrancisco, California, USA.
  • Participated Workshop on Rota blator on 6 – 11 April 2013 at Miaziki Japan.
  • Participated as Faculty in TCT 2018 on 21 to 25 November at USA and delivered lacture on CTO and Coronary Calcium score and its importance in coronary intervention.
  • Participated as Faculty and Moderator in Euro PCR 2019 on 20 to 24 May at Paris and delivered lacture on Angioplasty in Cardiogenic shock and ventricular fibrillation.
  • Worked on the dissertation (Original Research Work) in the subject of “A Prospective comparative Study between transthoracic and transeophageal echocardiography in patients with infective endocarditis” towards fulfillment of D.M. (Cardiology) course.
  • Carried out research projects during his temore in department of cardiology, B.Y.L. Nair Hospital, Bombay on the following subjects
    • Angiographic study of graft and native vessels following CABGs
    • Predictive role of Echocardiographic wall motion abnormalities in Acute Myocardial Infarction
  • Worked on thesis (Dissertation) in the subject of “Acute Methanol Poisoning – A clinicopathological study of 280 consecutive victims of an outbreak at Baroda during March 5-11-89 with a short term of follow-up of 109 survivors” It is the largest study of the victims of acute methanol poisoning from India.
  • Presented a paper on the topic of Angiographic study of graft and native vessels following CABGs during national conference of cardiology society of India at Madras from 18th to 22nd December, 1993
  • Recent Publications…
    • 6 Months Experience of the Axxion Coronary Drug Eluding stent in 166 “Real World, All Comers” Patient Population: A Multi Center, Observational, Prospective Data Registry between 19 January 2006 to 4 April 2007
    • One-year clinical outcomes of BioMatrix™-Biolimus A9™ eluting stent: The e-BioMatrix multicentre post marketing surveillance registry in india (Indian Heart Journal Available online 23 September 2013) 65 (2013) 593 - 599
    • Ashwin B. Mehtaa, Praveen Chandrab, Jamshed Dalalc, Prabhakar Shettyd, Devang Desaie, K Jayesh Prajapatig, Pramod Kumarh, Jayesh Prajapatig, Pramod Kumarh, Vilas Magarkari, V. Suryaprakash Raom, Ramesh Babun, Pritesh Parikhj, Tushar Mhetreq, Hrishikesh Rangnekarq, Upendra Kaulo, Aruna Patilp, B.K. Goyalk,
    • Ajit S. Mullasari, Suma M. Victor, Vijaykumar Subban, Devang Desai, Latchumandhas kalidoss, Sanjay Shah, Shireesh SatheSamuel Mathew. A Prospective, multicentre registry to assess an evorolius-eluting coronary stent system [PROMUS Element] for coronary revascularization in an unrestricted Indian population: the PROMUS Element India all-comers registry. Europa Digital & publishing 2017.
    • Dani S., Pandya R., Devang Desai, Bhalani N, Sharma A, Long term Safety and efiicacy of a novel abluminally coated sirolimus eluting stent in a diabetic patient population: two year report of the large, multicentre en-ABLe-registry. European Heart Journal 2016.
    • Luca Testa, Sameer Dani, Devang Desai, Rashmi Pandya. The influence of Diabetes Mellitus on clinical outcome following implantation of a novel abluminal coated sirolimus eluting stent that enhance drug delivery through the delivery balloon: insights from en-ABL e-registry.
  • Published following articles as case report and abstracts during his cardiology fellowship / superspeciality studies. [Year 1992 to 1994] in various national and international journals.
    • Case report on “Severe pulmonary hypertension due to thromboembolism following a ventriculo – atrial shunt”. [Under publication in JAPI]
    • D.M. Desai, S Sharma. Diagnosis of Sinus venosus atrial septal defect. JAPI 1992, 40 : 852 [Abst.)
    • D.M. Desai, Y.S.Loya, R.J. Pinto, S Sharma. Balloon valvuloplasty for pregnant patients with severe mitral and pulmonary stenosis, JAPI, 1995, 40 : 812 (Abst.)
    • R. J. Pinto, Y.S.Loya, D.M.Desai. Pulmonary balloon valvuloplasty in 135 cases : Immediate results and follow up. JAPI 1992, 40 : 812 (Abst.)
    • D.M.Desai, P Singh, R.J. Pinto, S Sharma. Magnetic resonance imaging in congenital heart disease. JAPI 1992, 40 : 285 (Abst.)
    • Y.S. Loya, D.M.Desai, R.J.Pinto, Jayprakash S, N.M.Gandhi, & S Sharma. BMV for Juvenile MS-Experience of 100 cases. JAPI 1992, 40 : 886.
    • N.M.Gandhi, D.M.Desai, R.J.Pinto, Y.S.Loya, S. Sharma. Transoesophageal versus thansthoracic echocardiography in selection of patients for balloon mitral valvotomy. Indian Heart Journal 1992, 44: 320 (Abst.)
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    • D.M.Desai, Y.S.Loya, R.J.Pinto, S Sharma. Balloon mitral valvotomy for mitral restenosis – a valid alternative to open heart surgery. IHJ 1992, 44: 283 (Abst.)

Unicare Heart Institute, Surat offers a complete range of cardiac care services and clinical treatment programs. Unicare Heart Institute, Surat has emerged as a frontrunner in heart care treatments under the able aegis of Dr. Devang Desai. Dr. Devang Desai, a name of repute in cardiology circle has a bright academic record and professional record. Off the record, he has a soft heart and keeps active participation in Social functions too.

The fact is appreciated that in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, all medical facilities are not alike. We have earned our ranking as one of the nation's leading centers of cardiac care in many ways. We give special emphasis to patient satisfaction.

Our Commitment

Implanted Latest Technology DRUG ILLUTED STENTS (30) reducing restenosis rate drastically.

Holding immense experience in peripheral renal interventions. Pioneer work done in Rescuing Primary Angioplasty in Acute MI cases.

  • Provide prompt access to cardiovascular diagnosis, investigation, and management for our referring Physicians' patients.
  • Provide ongoing comprehensive cardiovascular care in a courteous, compassionate and caring manner.
  • Report promptly to the referring physician our recommendations based upon the principles of the latest evidence based medicine.
  • Encourage active participation in well designed clinical trials whose goals and objectives are to enhance overall cardiovascular care.
  • Provide "state of the art" non-invasive cardiac facilities to help achieve these goals.
  • Provide a medium for ongoing cardiovascular continuing medical education.
  • Develop database information technology to assist cardiovascular specialists in the management of cardiovascular disease.