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Dr. Devang M. Desai [D.M.] Interventional Cardiologist is a Director of South Gujarat Cardiac Care Pvt. Ltd which is running Cardio logical and Radiological Services in South Gujarat from Surat to Vapi. Dr. Devang Desai as a director of SGCCPL is having more than 25 years experience in Interventional Cardiology..

SGCCPL has its own CONCEPT Diagnostic and Imaging Centre at Acme Plaza, B- Wing, Ground Floor, Next to Unique Hos, Sosyo Circle, Canal Road, Surat which provides 24 x 7 hours Radiological Services like Multi slice High Resolution CT Scan with CT Angio, Colour Doppler study of whole body, Sonography of whole body, 3D/4D Sonography, Digital X-Rays, Digital Mammography, Radiological procedure like IVP Study, Urography, Biopsy etc, Small Part ultrasound Sonography, Musculoskeletal Sonography as a World class Diagnostic results of International Standards.

SGCCPL has Cardio logical and Cardiothoracic unit in the name of UNICARE heart institute and Research centre situated at Acme Plaza, B- Wing, Sosyo Circle, Behind Civil Hos, Canal Road, Surat which has facility of Super speciality Cardiac Consultation, Angiography, Angiography and stenting, Balloon Valvuloplasty, Cardiac Pacemaker Implantation, 24 Hrs Emergency services, Bypass surgery unit [Open heart surgery], Valve Replacement etc, 2D colour- Colour Doppler- TMT, Cardiac Health Check up Plans, Treatment of all type of complex cardiac diseases under guidance of Senior Interventional Cardiologist Dr. Devang Desai and his Team.

SGCCPL also has established Peripheral Cardiology Unit at RAINBOW hospital run by Vapi multispeciality Pvt, Ltd. Situated at National Highway No-8. Vapi. It provides 24 x 7 hours cardiac services including Angiography, Angioplasty and Cardio Thoracic surgery like Bypass surgery and Valvular surgery, It has state of Art Non Invasive Cardiology Instrument like Echo colour Doppler, TMT, Holter Monitor, 24 Hrs Ambulatory BP monitor, and advance invasive Cardiac Cath lab.

SGCCPL also has Colobration with various hospital of Surat such as Unicare Hospital, Mahavir Hospital, Global Sunshine hospital as well as various Charitable trust here it carries out regular Cardiology Camp and Free Echo Camp to provide primary Health care facility at various NGO’s [Non Government Organisation] to conduct public seminar and Patient awareness programme under the leadership of Dr. Devang Desai [D.M.] Interventional cardiologist and his Team.

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